The Happysad Archives

It doesn't take much to be someone special


This site contains the archive of the Happysad cartoons I've been publishing on my blog at, since April 2006.

When I originally started Happysad, I had no idea I would draw more than just a few of those cartoons, let alone more than 700. Happysad has started to lead a life of its own, it seems, and I'm just trying to follow. Because things just sort of 'happened', the concept of my site was never really thought through very well. Using a blog obviously isn't the best way to display a few hundreds of cartoons...

So I made a fairly improvised gallery on, but that proved even more that I'm a cartoonist but not a web designer. It was crap. This site is an attempt at a slightly less crappy gallery. I know it doesn't look well, but it's a start and I needed a quick fix to offload some traffic from my blog. Anyone who would be able and willing to help me improve this, is very welcome to contact me at

For the same reasons I also used the very basic Gallery tool provided standard by the hosting company. No frills, no extras, no way to comment on the cartoons... But at least it's a bit easier to navigate than what I had before. The Happysad Archive is divided into Albums, each containing about 50 cartoons. The Albums are ordered in reverse chronological order, so if you want to start from the beginning, you'll have to go all the way to the back first. Click on the first image to get the show started. The cartoons themselves are, of course, all in the right order.

Enough already... on to the gallery!


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